Ramez Jalal eliminates most of the paragraphs of the official “Ramez Majnoon” prank .. So what happened with Nabila Obaid?



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                                            Artist Ramez Jalal had to shorten the paragraphs of his prank “Ramez Majnoun Official” that the audience used to watch with each guest; When he hosted in today's episode the artist <a href="https://www.eremnews.com/entertainment/arts-celebrities/2120139">Nabila Obeid</a>And, due to her 75-year-old age, as well as the wearing of a short dress, which is not suitable for the paragraphs sitting on the chair, which Ramez adopts to terrify his guests.

After displaying the brief prank, Ramez Jalal was attacked because he hosted Nabila Obaid, the old, and was among those who protested hosting Obaid, the writer Halima Muzaffar, who wrote “The able artist Nabila Obaid, born in 1945, 75 years old, how can a dangerous mold be worked with it !! ! What is this recklessness of Ramez! ”.

Another tweet wrote, “One at the age of Nabila Abeid-eh is ravaging herself by appearing with Ramez seriously !!”, and another account added, “There is no lack of formal literature, Ramez Jaeba Nabila Abeid, who is tolerated medicine.”

A song called “With Hamad Qalam” said, “Nabila Obaid with Ramez is poor and where are the tricks he turns over.” And another followed: “Is Nabila Obaid carrying Hazar Ramez? Very hard.


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