Qatar reservations building 100 LNG tankers from South Korea | latest news


Qatar has revealed that it will book the purchase of 100 ships to transport LNG in Korean shipyards at a festivity in the month of June.

“The purchase order is among the 120 gas ships that the company will order to meet the expansions in the production of LNG,” said Saad al-Kaabi, Qatar State Minister for Energy Affairs and CEO of Qatar Petroleum, at a seminar via the Internet.

Last April, Qatar Petroleum signed a contract with the Chinese Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding Group to reserve a large share of the construction capacity of gas tankers in the company’s shipyards with a value of $ 3 billion.

Qatar is working to increase the number of its fleet to transport liquefied natural gas from 74 tankers currently to about 190 tankers to keep up with the increase in the production of liquefied gas from 77 million tons annually currently to 126 million riyals by the end of the year 2027.

According to data of the World Gas Union, the number of LNG tankers in the world is currently 540, and the cost of building the tanker is between 250 to 300 million dollars, and delivery within 30 months.


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