Qatar National Bank issues $ 1 billion of bonds for a 5-year maturity


Qatar National Bank Group (QNB) has announced that it has successfully completed the issue of bonds within its medium-term debt securities program (EMTN) listed on the London Stock Exchange with a value of US $ 1 billion for a 5-year maturity period.

The issuance is part of the Group’s efforts to diversify funding sources by issuing bonds in geographic regions and new markets with multiple maturities.

Regulated by a group of banks and financial institutions, including Barclays Bank PLC, Credit Agricole CIB, ING, Mizuho, ​​QNB Capital and Standard Chartered Bank (as co-CEO)), this issue of Reg S Bonds, arranged by a group of banks and financial institutions, received the attention of international investors.

This success underscores the confidence and strength of international investors in the Qatar National Bank Group / QNB strategy.


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