Qatar Airways resumes its flights to 52 destinations by the end of May


Doha / Ahmed Youssef / Gulf Dot

Qatar Airways announced on Wednesday that it will gradually start operating flights to 52 destinations by the end of May, and to 80 destinations by the end of next June.

“The employment will be in line with the increasing demand for air travel and the easing of restrictions imposed on entry to many countries due to the Corona crisis,” said a Qatari statement seen by Dot Gulf.

Qatar Airways has suspended most of its destinations around the world, while maintaining a few civilian destinations, while air cargo flights have continued without interruption.

And the Qatar Airways carrier, it “continued to operate flights to more than 30 destinations, which helped more than a million passengers to return to their countries during the past two months.”

The gradual expansion in the first phase focuses on enhancing flights between the carrier’s operations headquarters in Doha with the global headquarters of its partners around the world, according to the statement.

Among the most prominent of those headquarters are London, Chicago, Dallas, and Hong Kong, in conjunction with the reopening of many business and tourism destinations worldwide, such as Madrid and Mumbai.

Qatar Airways is looking to operate flights to 80 destinations worldwide, including 23 destinations in Europe, 4 destinations in the Americas, 20 in the Middle East and Africa, and 33 in Asia, according to the statement.

It also plans to operate flights to more than 50 destinations before the end of this month, by resuming its flights to many destinations such as: Manila, Nairobi and Amman.

On March 30, Qatar Airways resumed air cargo flights to China, becoming the first Middle Eastern company to do so, while Corona’s concerns remained.The news, published on the official page of Dot Gulf, is an abbreviation of a portion of the news that is presented to subscribers via the news flow system (HAS). To subscribe to the agency, please contact the following link.

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