Qamar receives new threats: “They want to kill me, but I’m not afraid.”



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Published The singer Moon text Threats New Directed to her at Period Last, And participated section Video Appears a woman Which Threatening her, but she You deleted it Soon What mushroom In a way Big.

And she said woman at the video: ”we at Waiting for you at Lebanon. And this Time it will be hereafter. Play With Your masters Whose They made you And they did you. We will burn Your face Before Eyes your son“.

Commented Moon: “we at Month And days Blessed And people Criminals, Nerds, The tenants, And all their lives Parked But With the moon And how You want killing And destroy Moon And her son. did not I ask About Thing is called the fear because I Think that From He gave me Spirit He the only Which Take it Just. Wayne Macinto at USA And Syria And Canada And Beirut“.

She mentioned It Received Threats To be killed For a while 7 Months From People Reside at Canada And Syria And Lebanon, as such She added at Suspension On picture Other: “love on People The stump Follows Like Moon Example To the force And ability On that Face Her enemy The hack Follows Payin Their honor And their conscience For reasons Trivial And empty Like the fame And money. only I happy Get to know me Why? Because My ability more powerful From What They Imagine And do Scenario The Masquerade Will finish The way Follows Worthy of In me Sizes Do you People soon very. Patience And I got All One Will Due To Makano the correct“.


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