Postponement of the application of the list of new educational jobs


Riyadh (Echo):

Sources said that it was decided to postpone the implementation of the list of new educational jobs until November 2020, explaining that the decision to postpone the need for more arrangements related to the implementation of the regulation, especially in light of the effects and repercussions of the pandemic of the emerging coronavirus (Covid 19).

The sources pointed out that the ability tests for male and female teachers, which will be conducted by the Education and Training Evaluation Authority, will begin next September in 27 majors, including educational specializations for each male and female teacher, in addition to specialized tests for school leaders.

It is worth noting that the Ministry of Education and the Civil Service decided earlier to postpone the implementation of the regulations until July 1, 2020, after some amendments were made to them related to transportation and promotion, the end of service reward, and not negatively affecting the financial benefits that the teacher and the teacher who will be transferred to the list will receive.


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