Popular apps crash on iPhone .. and experts reveal the reasons


A large number of iPhone users complained about the failure of many famous applications, prompting the experts to research the problem, reveal its causes and offer suggestions for speedy treatment.

A number of technology experts and those interested in iPhone devices revealed the reasons that led to the suspension of a number of important and famous applications on iPhone (Spotify), (TikTok), (Pinterest) and (Tinder).

The experts said, in posts across the “GitHub” platform, that the reason lies in a problem in the Facebook software development group (SDK), which is used to run the logging features of many applications, which is responsible for the problem.

According to “Downdetector”, a big rise in reports that applications such as Spotify, Pinterest, Tinder and TikTok have stopped working.

Some people who do not use the “Facebook” option to log in to the applications on their iPhone have reported that they have encountered problems with these applications, because the SDK is often part of the applications as an option, even if they are not already used.

“Facebook” commented on this, explaining that the reason for stopping the applications in “iPhone” for several hours, according to one of its officials: “There was a change in a new version of Facebook that led to a breakdown of some applications that use our software development kit for the operating system (iOS) , We quickly identified and fixed the problem, and we apologize for any inconvenience. “


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