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The French League has become the first canceled tournament between the five major European football leagues, after French Prime Minister Edward Philippe announced “the difficulty of resuming matches” in light of the Corona crisis. Thus, the League League board decided the final arrangement based on the standard percentage of points for every match played in the league, to crown Paris Saint-Germain as the champion of the 2019-2020 season. The end of the season according to the club centers until the 28th round (the last round that was played before the suspension), angered many teams, especially those that fell or absent from European benefits for the coming season, which opened fire on the French Federation.The French Football Association announced last Thursday that it had awarded the first division title to Paris Saint-Germain, after the forced completion of the first and second tournaments. In its decision, the association relied on the last points arrangement and results of the 2019-2020 season matches, and the association’s CEO Didier Kyeo said during a press conference that the association adopted a performance indicator that takes into account the number of points scored in all the matches played in addition to direct confrontations when equal. Accordingly, Paris Saint-Germain remained at the top of the French League standings (68 points), 12 points behind runner-up Marseille (56 points), while Amiens and Toulouse teams fell to the second division, which culminated in Lorient Club.
To contain the anger of the “affected clubs” and prevent the losses from multiplying, the French League announced that it would seek a loan of 225 million euros, to be guaranteed by the state. This loan will be used to compensate the clubs’ losses from TV rights after the final cessation of the League Championship, to help them alleviate the repercussions of the financial crisis they are suffering from. The loan program established by the government at the end of March allows corporations facing difficulties due to Corona to obtain a loan with a guarantee that, in the event of non-payment, the state will bear the bulk of the remaining debt to be repaid. In this regard, the association noted the approval of the forty clubs in the first and second grades for the loan application during a general assembly meeting held on Monday, saying that “thanks to this loan, the association will be able to secure the remaining amounts of TV broadcast rights for the 2019-2020 season.” Lyon club president Jean-Michel Olas also confirmed to L’Equipe that this loan is identical to the loss of TV rights after the tournament stopped.

The French League announced that it will request a loan of 225 million euros to compensate the clubs’ losses

However, the latter did not agree to all the decisions that were entrusted to it, after it helped to get his team out of the UEFA Champions League for the coming season. Criticism of the President of Lyon addressed to the French Federation and the Association of Professional Clubs after the abolition of the “League 1” and the adoption of the championship schedule in the order it was at the time of stopping, given the failure to settle the seats permanently. “The Association hastened its decision, because the Sports Minister hinted at the possibility of holding matches with the presence of 5,000 spectators in August, and we have presented other scenarios that could have generated revenue from broadcasting,” Olas said in an interview with AFP. TV show. Adding: «The mechanism that the League followed to approve the league schedule is illogical, how do we resort to a list that we could not endorse on amateur patrols? I do not want to attack certain clubs, but third-placed Rennes have played more at home than Lyon, and have faced PSG once, while Lyon lost two games against Paris. ” Then he stressed that: “This decision does not have a major impact in the amateur league, but it causes serious consequences for the professional league. The decision to adopt the periodic table stole our right to an important opportunity that has great financial returns, and we are in the process of demanding tens of millions of compensation. The president of the Football Association must bear the consequences of the decision, his management of the file was poor and his decisions are questionable. We will not be silent in front of unacceptable situations. ” It should be noted that this is the first time that Lyon has been absent from European participation since 1997, and has succeeded in the last 10 seasons in second place 3 times, despite lagging far behind the teams submitted during the course of the season.
For his part, Bernard Joanan, the president of the Amiens club who fell from the first division, confirmed that the club will study the reasons for the decision before taking any legal action, noting that: “This matter is unfair because Amiens did not defend his stay until the end on the field.” He added: “We will fight with other teams to obtain our rights because I believe that the decision taken was not correct.” For her part, French Sports Minister Roxana Maraceno said that angry clubs “have the right to take legal action”, but called for restraint.


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