Poco confirms the arrival of branded wireless earphones, and asks fans to suggest a name for it


The general manager of the Xiaomi sub-brand Poco asked fans what the next product they want to get from the company, and today revealed that people have chosen real wireless earphones. In reaction, the Chinese brand will bring this product to the market and ask fans to suggest a name for these headphones on Twitter. There is a survey on the American social network that includes limited options that include: Poco Move Buds, Poco Klip Buds, Poco Pop Buds or Poco Funkz.

Giving fans the opportunity to choose a name is a positive step for the Chinese brand, but it is likely that you will only launch one of the wireless earphones that Xiaomi launched in the last period under its own brand, there is a possibility that you will launch Xiaomi Mi Air Dots 2 SE headphones with the name written on it Poco instead of Xiaomi as we used to do with its smartphones.

Until the moment we write this news, the majority of voters chose the name Poco Pop Buds, while Poco Klip Buds is the name least chosen by the fans. Generally, this poll will end at noon tomorrow, and then we will get the final result.


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