Playing behind closed doors is a “big challenge”


Borussia Dortmund club CEO Hans Joachim Fatske welcomed the German government’s decision to allow the Bundesliga to resume from mid-May, but at the same time he regretted the need to play without fans.

Fatske said: “Playing against empty stands is a big challenge, especially for a club like Dortmund, which draws a lot of strength from the enthusiasm of its fans on the field.”

He continued, “It was not economically feasible to allow clubs to keep the Bundesliga suspended until viewers were allowed to return to
The stadiums. ”

Vatske said the league would resume with caution: “We in Borussia Dortmund realize that there is a great responsibility. Knowing that there are no guarantees, we will do everything in our power to ensure the highest possible level of safety so that there are no new injuries between the players and their families.”


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