Pictures, sounds and toys .. innovations to make up for the absence of sports fans from the stands


The organizers of the returning sports competitions, after a forced interruption of more than two months due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus, are seeking ways to make the empty strips of the fans more attractive.

The requirement to hold competitions behind closed doors was one of the most important items in a long list of measures requested by governments to allow the return of life to sport.

The French Sons Agency highlights some of these innovations around the world:

Musical robots
Sports took an imaginative turn when the Taiwan Baseball League kicked off last month, as robotic men banged drums in a live music performance from the stands.

In a scene similar to what can be seen in the movie “Star Wars” series, a group of robots wearing drum wigs appeared in the opening game of Rakuten Monkeys.

Also distributed around the stadium were human-shaped dolls wearing the team colors, in addition to the solid figures made of cardboard to replace the fans.

Energy mobilization
The German Borussia Monchengladbach adopted the idea of ​​placing cardboard sculptures to fill empty seats during its first match after the Bundesliga resumed activity, giving its fans the opportunity to obtain a full-size hologram for placement in the stands.

Thousands of fans support the move, paying 19 euros to put their picture on Borussia Park.

“The campaign organizers are unable to accommodate the many requests they receive. We can barely continue to try to install them all,” said fans representative Thomas Feinmann told the Bundesliga website.

Recorded chants
And the South Korean stadiums replaced the roaring crowd of football fans with recorded voices of chants and celebrations, as popular chants of chanting around empty stadiums, some of which hosted matches in the 2002 World Cup, echoed.

Australian football fans will also be able to hear on television pre-recorded voices of fans, which will accompany the match footage when the tournament resumes next month.

Remote encouragement
Meanwhile, developers have launched an application called “MyApp Luz” that allows fans to be promoted remotely.

Users can choose from cheering, applause, chants and whistling, the sounds produced by them are played through stadium speakers and spectator sound systems, and teams’ logos and chants are available.

The organizers of the South Korean baseball championship also took a high technology approach with the fans, as their photos will be broadcast live on giant screens on the stadium while watching the match online.

Baseball with grill
Cheerleaders of Taiwan’s baseball teams during the matches interact directly from the stadium with the fans, where they chat with them and broadcast dances via their mobile phones, so that one of the cheerleaders prepared grills while sitting in the stands and addressed them during a live broadcast to them.

Taiwan’s baseball league is extremely popular during the Corona Virus crisis, with millions of sports-deprived fans watching in English around the world.

Suspicious dolls
But what caught the most attention was what the South Korean “FC Seoul” accused of using sexual dolls to fill in the void in his stadiums last Sunday’s match against Gwangju in the local soccer league.

The club, which faces the dangers of disciplinary measures, denied in a statement that the dolls are of a sexual nature, noting that a dealer offered them for free and said, “We sincerely regret that we caused great concern among the fans.”


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