Pictures: FIFA, Juventus and Faris Awad sing for “Abu Qaht” – Sports – Arab and International


The official account of the International Federation of Football “FIFA” and the Italian Juventus club interacted with the marking “Abu Qaht” against Marzouqa on the social networking site during a large vote in which thousands participated, in addition to the interaction of many celebrities, including the Egyptian artist Mohamed Heneidy.

The story of Hashtaq Abu Qaht against Merzouqa had topped the social networking platform Twitter in Saudi Arabia and a number of Arab countries during the past hours, forcing many celebrities to intervene and express their position on the topic.

The story of “Marzuka and Abu Qaht” revolves around a photo contest organized in the month of Ramadan, as “Abu Qaht” competed with “Marzuka”, before the voters split and considered the issue a male gender, so everyone began to crowd and vote for whoever wanted to win.

The FIFA website interacted with the topic, saying on its official account on the social networking site Twitter: “#Only for the sake of the manchin”, with the publication of “Abu Qaht’s Image”, while the Arabic-speaking Juventus account was also published: “When Dybala touches the ball! Come on, football fans. We want Rimontada here. ”

Emirati broadcaster Faris Awad also interacted, and said: “It is true that the giza is simple and what it deserves, but the issue is out of context and the fans of the football love the Rimontada ,, support him with like this picture.”

Abu Qaht’s image also supported “The Wrestler Kane, the Champions League account, the Barca world, Moaz Iyad, Omar Al-Soma, Muhammad Huneidi, while a number of accounts supported“ Marzuqa ”, including the account of“ He ”, the kibbutz, Bibi Abdel Mohsen , Model Rose, some young men and activists. ”

Muhammad Huneidi said on Twitter: “A quarter of an hour is left for him and Abu Qaht, the work of Rimontada. I am obligated to vote only because no one is upset, and then he published a poll on his page so that his followers can choose who to vote for in this burning contest.”




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