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The officials of the wings of countries participating in the Expo Dubai that the event acquires vital importance after postponing it until the next year, as it will constitute the most important and largest global event to rebuild international relations in 2021 after the repercussions of the crisis “Covid 19” that affected all countries and all sectors and cooperation relations.

Paolo Glesente, the Commissioner-General in charge of the Italy Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, confirmed that the Expo Dubai will be the largest global event to revitalize international relations in 2021, explaining in statements to the newspaper “El Soleil 24 Urie” published by the Italian Pavilion’s website on the Internet, that strengthening international relations after The pandemic of “Covid 19” is of great importance at all levels, political, diplomatic, scientific and social.

Galicenti pointed out that the event is not only a factor for optimism for more than 190 participating countries and millions of visitors from different parts of the world, but for Italy it is a starting point for all supply chains and is an ideal platform for the promotion of various sectors from universities to business and beauty factors The natural, artistic and cultural enjoyment of the country.

He added: The Dubai Expo will be an unrepeatable opportunity to relaunch exports and attract investment to Italy, factors that have become more important to recover from the crisis.

He stressed that the tourism and cultural sectors, as one of the most affected by the repercussions of the crisis in Italy, will benefit from the Dubai Expo to recover and focus on the various tourism offers in the various provinces and Italian cities, and he pointed out that the Italian Pavilion attracted 50 partners so far from various companies and bodies.


In turn, the Netherlands confirmed in a statement that it voted in favor of the postponement of the Expo until the year 2021, and renewed its commitment to cooperation and partnership with the rest of the country, and indicated that the sectors that the pavilion focuses on, namely water, energy and food, are gaining great importance in light of the necessity of ensuring the sources of water and food supplies, which is the most prominent issue that Confirmed by the current stage.

“We are seeing fruitful partnerships between private business sectors and governments in the light of the Covid 19 crisis, which is positive,” said Hans Sandy, Commissioner-General of the Netherlands Pavilion at Expo 2020. “These partnerships also apply to our participation in the Expo, which revolves around connecting minds and making the future.” He pointed out that the wing management had held consultations with partners and partner bodies before the vote, and all of them expressed support for the delay.


Albert Croisy, Director General of the Monaco Inter Expo Authority responsible for managing the pavilion in Expo, confirmed that the pavilion’s team in Dubai is fully committed to completing all construction operations before the end of this summer, indicating in a statement published by the pavilion’s website on the internet that the coming period will witness a re-review For the activities of the pavilion, and will be communicating with various partners and suppliers

Expressing that they will show their commitment to support the pavilion after the postponement in order to enhance the image of Monaco in the world during the event. For his part, Finland Pavilion confirmed through his Twitter account his support for the postponement of the Expo and the publication of a tweet that:

We look forward to the opening of the snow mantle, which is the front end of the pavilion, on October 1, 2021, and we thank the Expo Dubai office for continuous support, and we also thank Exmobilia for ensuring that construction operations continue within the specified time. New Zealand also confirmed on its booth website that it supported the postponement of Expo to 2021, as it was one of the first countries to vote for the postponement.


The Spanish pavilion confirmed through its account on Twitter that the Spanish cultural authority supervising the pavilion supports the postponement decision, and the accounts of countries participating in the event have re-broadcast the video messages published by the Expo account about the postponement in a sign to support the decision, including the German, Malaysian, Thai and Swedish pavilion Malaysia, Luxembourg, Australia, the Czech Republic, Canada, Ukraine, etc.

And the Russian Pavilion’s account on Instagram published the video issued by the Expo with the phrase: We will meet you next year at the Expo Dubai.

Enhancing tourist attractions

A study issued by the Polytechnic University of Milan estimated that the value of the benefit that Expo Dubai will provide to Italian exports is approximately 1.5 billion dirhams annually, in addition to enhancing the tourist attraction in addition to the attraction for foreign direct investment, totaling 1.67 billion euros.

The study pointed out that Italian companies will be the biggest beneficiaries of participating in the Dubai Expo as the presence in the event will enhance their ability to enter foreign markets. The Italian pavilion at Expo Dubai, through its accounts on the networking sites, was keen to re-publish the statements of the Commissioner-General to introduce the importance of the event to Italy.



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