Panic in the south … Thus the virus reached Zahrani


Amal Khalil wrote in the newspaper “Al-Akhbar” under the headline “Panic in the south: the virus is transmitted from Akkar to Zahrani”: “Since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, the Zahrani region has remained untouched from recording injuries. Especially with regard to the opening of shops, cafes, and gathering places, but “Corona” came to them in a way that they did not know: from Akkar, it was not impossible for the virus that roamed the world to cut about 200 km from Jdeideh al-Qayta al-Akaria to the Babylonian town (Zahrani district). Last, a Babylonian army soldier was infected with the virus after mixing with a colleague He was injured while serving together at the Military Court in Beirut, during his vacation last week, the young man moved from his home town and the neighborhood from Al-Bisariya to Apples, Adloun, and Al-Ghassaniyeh. Neighboring one of his friends residing in Sarafand, who in turn contacted a large number of people. This led to a state of emergency declared by the municipalities of the region. The crisis cells that were formed with the beginning of the spread of the virus were mobilized to count all those who had infected the person during his trips to be subjected to a PCR examination. To read the full article Press here.


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