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On June 21, 2019 I published an article titled “Thieves … Lebanon!”, In this corner. The subject of smuggling crossings between Lebanon and Syria.

Today, this file returned to the Lebanese façade again, from the same point that had been raised, eleven months ago, and others had raised it, respectively, fifteen years ago.

From following this financially and economically exhausting file for Lebanon, it appears unambiguously that the Lebanese officials, with their diversity of affiliations, know their most accurate details, and have clear maps of the illegal crossings, as well as the loopholes governed by the illegal within the legitimate crossings themselves.

The Bank of Lebanon Governor Riad Salama, in a televised speech devoted to defending himself in response to an attack he exposed, revealed, a few weeks ago, the cost of smuggling from Lebanon to Syria, so he determined that over five years, Lebanon imported for “need of others” materials worth up to twenty billion US dollars, distributed at a rate of four billion dollars annually.

This figure was determined by Salama Awali, because over the past five years, Lebanon has been saving dollars from abroad, with high and accumulated interest ranging between 8 and 14 percent annually.

This figure becomes a special advantage when we know that the current Lebanese government aspires to attract a total of twenty billion US dollars from the International Monetary Fund and from the money promised for “Good Lebanon” at the Paris “Cedar” conference.

This indicates that Lebanon, during the past five years, lost by smuggling basic materials, such as fuel and flour, from its reserves in hard currencies, which exceeds the size of its current polarizing ambitions for the funds.

The problem with this point of view, which is protected by Iranian weapons, money and a doctrine of nature itself, is that it is impossible to impose itself except on the rubble of the state.

This financial-economic catastrophe would have been surmounted, had it become a past tense, but things are not. It turns out that it is not only a present tense but a “present tense”, too.

Whoever bets on the credibility of the Lebanese government to put an end to this smuggling, according to the decisions of its last meeting, is unaware of the nature of the Lebanese authoritarian structure, as smugglers are not a hidden gang that violates the law literally, but they form a group of the core of the authority itself, which has its “philosophy”, and has enough capabilities to impose its will .

In this context, it is sufficient to pay attention to what Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah said in his latest television appearances, as he considered that combating smuggling between Lebanon and Syria is an impossible task without coordination between the Lebanese and Syrian governments.

And Hezbollah, on this issue of smuggling, is not merely the opinion holder, but is “accused”, with material and logical evidence.

And this “accused” is at the same time “the master of the government,” which some are naively betting on, to put an end to one of the reasons for Lebanon to reach its current disaster.

The solution that Nasrallah proposed to combat smuggling is ridiculous, not because the “accused” has positioned himself as a lawmaker and judge, but because he “pleads” the Lebanese and all those interested in this thorny issue.

The reason for this despair is that Nasrallah suggests that the smuggling complained of is taking place on mules and donkeys that cross rugged outlets, which necessitates widespread spread along the borders that separate Lebanon from Syria. In fact, this smuggling is done, by tanks and trucks, and “on your eyes, merchant.”

Moreover, the Syrian party that Nasrallah requires to negotiate with it to combat smuggling, is also accused of solidarity and solidarity with “Hezbollah”, because it is the Syrian intelligence that receives tanks and trucks loaded with smuggled materials from Lebanon, and benefit from them using, trading and earning.

Moreover, Hizbullah, which inflicted great damage on Lebanon, when it went to fight alongside the Syrian regime, despite Lebanon’s nose, could have, if it had not been involved, and despite Lebanon’s nose also, to provide service to the defeated Cedars country and its looted people, By expanding its coordination with the Syrian regime, to strike smuggling and smugglers.

In any case, the involvement of Hezbollah and the Syrian intelligence in the smuggling file constituted the background that appeared in the government’s decisions, which in fact aimed at containing the scandal and not ending it.

This government, which is exhuming the files of its opponents and raising the slogan of recovering the stolen money, has struck, in the file of smuggling, which is considered the second largest cause of the financial disaster in Lebanon after the electricity file, pardon for the past, ignored the organized gang, and devoted its attention to what it found a smuggler on the road, from now Onwards.

The smuggling file and the way to deal with it, despite the losses it incurred to Lebanon, is just a model of the official deceptive approaches to the accumulated Lebanese problems.

These approaches do not herald a promising future, even if the international community condones the political and reform specifications that are supposed to be available in any country, and give Lebanon some urgent funds to ward off the hunger that is knocking on the gates of the Lebanese.

The severe financial, economic and social crises that successive governments are unable to resolve, even if the intentions of those in charge of them are improved, lie in the “exceptionalism” of the State of Lebanon, which is abandoned, with satisfaction or coercion.

Lebanon needs great effort and great sacrifices to become a normal country.

It does not matter who supports or opposes Hezbollah, and who regards it as a “resistance movement” or “a terrorist organization”. Rather, it is important that its cost be calculated on Lebanon and its people.

Lebanon, during the past five years, has lost by smuggling basic materials, such as fuel and flour, from its reserves in hard currencies, which exceeds the size of its current polarizing ambitions for funds.

The literature of those who believe that it speaks in the name of the Lebanese state is reasonable, but it is in vain, as long as Hezbollah maintains the decision, not because of its wisdom, popularity, and effort, but rather because of its weapon that has repeatedly tasted the Lebanese with its terrifying bloody taste.

And Hezbollah, in everything related to the Lebanese state, has another point of view: in the war, in regional relations, in dealing with the international community and its decisions, in Iran’s position, in the role of the Assad family in Syria, in Lebanon’s job, in its banking system , In his tourism role, and so on.

The problem with this view, which is protected by Iranian weapons, money and a doctrine of nature itself, is that it is impossible to impose itself except on the rubble of the state.

On the other hand, to date, there is no one with the ability to respond. Even those who were meant to withstand it are being shattered. A quick look at the state of forces that left the government, as in the case of the October 17 revolution, is enough.

Unfortunately for the Lebanese people, the political class presents him every day with a theatrical show that entertains him, such as “the struggle of the two brothers”, “the greed of the righteous” and “the judiciary of the oppressed”, so he distracts from a bitter, painful and costly fact, which is that those who break the law … rule it.


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