“Othman bin Artgrel” raises the controversy with a picture with his wife on the bed


Pioneers on social media, a picture of the Turkish star Burak Ozgvit, the protagonist of the series
“The founder Othman”, in which he plays the role of the invader Othman bin Artgrel, who has
Very popular and millions of viewers in dozens of countries around the world, with his star wife, Fahriya
Afgan and their young son Karan, as they slept on the bed.
And she got
The image is liked by the pioneers of social media and widely published among them, Ali
Although the two stars did not publish it on their page, it is an old picture where it appeared
Their son is smaller than it is now.
He appeared
Osman bin Artgrel slept as well as his wife while their child was caressing his mother
With his hand.
And it was
Burak recently published a photo of his son Karan, which
I showed that he has grown a lot during the past weeks, where his features are clearly visible, so the audience can interact
Strongly with his first appearance, as many have confirmed that his eyes and eyebrows are a copy of his father, the Turkish star
Even his eyes look a replica of his father.
Fahriya had given birth to her only son Karan in the hospital
The American is in Istanbul, and after that she got a long vacation and got away from the artwork to take care of her newborn,
Despite appearing in some advertising campaigns.
The founder, Othman, had stopped for two weeks,
What caused his fans concern, that he might be stopped broadcasting indefinitely, due to a virus
Corona the newcomer, but he went back to filming and broadcasting again two weeks ago, where an episode is being broadcast
every week.


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