Osta: Victory does not concern me … a hero or not


The player Abdullah Al-Osta, who previously represented youth and then victory, did not care about his title as the champion of the Mohammed bin Salman Professional Cup League, or not, if the rounds that stopped at the 22nd round were completed, saying, “What concerns me is the youth and I wish success to him. As for victory “45 points.” It does not concern me whether he won the title or went to the leaders of Al-Hilal “51 points,” as the difference between them is six points, “he said.” Yes, I had the honor to wear a victory shirt, but it does not concern me at the present time, I am youth of blood and fancy. “
Al-Osta revealed that the administrative changes in the youth were not a reason for his departure despite the fact that he wanted to end his career with him, and he said, “Seeing the technical staff was renewing blood, I respected the decision and got out, and in victory, the idea was also to renew blood.” He pointed out that this matter applies to Some players, while some go out to not agree on the terms of the contracts. Al-Osta recalled his memories with the matches of the two teams and the accompanying statements, by saying, “Some of the statements are painful, and they have a great impact on the stadium of the two teams, and their impact extends to the players.”
He added, “Their impact is not only on victory and youth, in every period you find crises between clubs because of the statements of their officials, and cause the fans to cramp.”
And about completing the local league after stopping it due to the new Corona virus, he replied, “The stoppage will be an artistic impact on all, and the matches will lose their excitement and its appeal, and the excitement will be between the fans and through the media only.”
Al-Osta stopped talking about the youth, stressing that it is a big club and must equal the value of the big clubs in terms of exchange by paying huge sums to attract the stars, whether local or foreign, and said, “The value of a professional player in Al Hilal, Al Nasr, Al Ahly or Al Ittihad is equal to the value of young professionals.”


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