Nour El-Ghandour is fooling her followers and a foreign model: this is strange – pictures


The Egyptian star, who resides in Kuwait, put Nour Al-Ghandour herself in a great predicament, and she was ridiculed by the pioneers of the social media, after she stuck Point her on a model object using Photoshop, and the matter arrived to discover the owner of the original image and shocked her about it.

Ghandour chose an image For the famous Danish model, Daniela Jones, she put her face instead of the model, but Daniela Jones discovered the act of Ghandour, and exposed her by publishing the two pictures through her account, and commented in amazement: (What ?? Yes, this is the real I .. Thank you for your messages .. This is an order a stranger).

Ghandour acted, displaying the mockery of social media pioneers, from all over the world, accusing her of misleading her followers, and stealing the images of others, but the matter did not stop there, but some technical pages circulated, new pictures showing Ghandour, and put her face on the image of the global star, see

Nour Al-Ghandour
Nour Al-Ghandour

Suleiman Al-Barnawi – Algeria


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