No green light yet for the return of the Premier League


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LONDON (AFP) – Minister of Culture Oliver Duden warned Friday that the English Premier League has not yet gotten the green light to resume pending competition due to the emerging Corona virus, expressing his hope to be able to complete it.

Dodden, who also oversees sports and the media, told BBC Radio that sporting clubs and clubs “have not yet gotten the green light.”

“If we succeed in devising a plan that can be implemented, we will welcome its adoption because I think (return) is a good thing for the state and football in general,” he added.

“I really hope that we will prepare that and then start implementing it, but the health of people must come in the first place, and therefore only if we are confident of that, we will be able to start the procedures.”

On Sunday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to announce a plan to gradually lift the country’s closure measures, with more than 30,000 deaths reported due to “Covid-19”.

Premier League clubs are due to meet on Monday to discuss plans for an “appeal project” following the government’s decision.

According to reports, the authorities informed the clubs that the only way to complete the 2019-2020 season would be to hold matches on neutral stadiums and without fans, to relieve pressure on basic and health services and discourage fans from gathering near the stadiums.

However, this proposal is being rejected by clubs that face the specter of relegation to the first degree, as they insist on running their remaining matches on their home soil.

Duden’s comments came at a time the newspaper “The Times” indicated that the officials of the English Football Association would reject any attempt to consider the League Championship null and that no team would be relegated.

The newspaper pointed out that at least one club wants to cancel the principle of relegation in the event of the adoption of neutral stadiums.

The former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand, who is currently working as a TV analyst, considered that any solution would not satisfy the twenty clubs in Bremerlej.

He said, “Some people will feel harm in the event that some decisions were not in their favor, but I do not think that the English League will find the ideal solution by one hundred percent, whatever its decision, and this is unfortunate.”

The Manchester City Argentine striker, Sergio Aguero and Brighton striker Glenn Murray, have expressed health concerns among players if the matches resume.

But Ferdinand called them to put their trust in the authorities in this area, saying that “if the English Premier League, Al-Ittihad, and the government give the green light, I am confident that protecting the players, their health and their safety will be a priority for these parties to ensure that no one is exposed to danger.”


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