News 24 | Will the homes be visited for a “Corona” examination? .. “Health” official answers (video)


Archives Assistant Undersecretary for Primary Care Khaled Al-Abdulkarim said that there is no plan now to visit homes to conduct an examination to detect the emerging corona virus.

Abdul Karim added, in an intervention for the “Yahala” program on the “Rotana Gulf” channel, that the survey initially targeted the crowded places and workers’ homes, and now it targets the segment that completed the self-evaluation form in the “appointment” program.

He explained that people will be contacted to set an appointment for them to review primary health care centers to make smears, indicating that the benefit of this is to discover individuals who carry the virus and have no symptoms.

He pointed out that this procedure also gives an assessment of the extent of infection in the regions of the Kingdom, which helps in setting plans to cope with the spread of the virus.


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