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Mosque of the companion Jarir bin Abdullah al-Bagali in TaifPictures of the Great Companion Mosque, Jarir bin Abdullah Al-Bajali – may God be pleased with him – were published in Taif, which dates back to the tenth year of migration in which the farewell argument was made, and it is one of the mosques that will be restored within the project of Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman to restore and rehabilitate historical mosques in the Kingdom.

The pictures showed the historical heritage of the mosque, which was built in the style of a woman, from irregular stones and the roof from the logs of juniper and concrete, and its total area is about 350 square meters, and it accommodates about 135 worshipers, and it consists of a prayer house whose ceiling is based on circular wooden columns, and a writer who was used in the past to inhabit Passing through, and the mosque contains a newly added minaret.

After developing the mosque, it will include a room for the imam, a prayer house on the eastern side, another on the eastern western side, a water tank, a warehouse, and new places and light.

It is noteworthy that the importance of the mosque is attributed to his honor to the great companion Jarir bin Abdullah Al-Bajali who converted to Islam and his people, may God be pleased with them, during Ramadan from the tenth year of migration, and the mosque is located in the village of judges in the Haddad Bani Malik Center south of Taif Governorate.

Mosque of the companion Jarir bin Abdullah al-Bagali in Taif


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