News 24 | “The Fatwa Standing Committee”: The health practitioner may pray without ablution or delay or delay the prayer time in these cases


Grand Mufti of the Kingdom, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al SheikhThe Standing Committee of the Fatwa, headed by the Grand Mufti of the Kingdom, Sheikh Abdulaziz Al-Sheikh, said that patients with Corona virus may leave ablution or tayammum if the use of water or soil harms them, and that they should pray in their condition.

It is permissible for health practitioners to pray as they are without ablution and not to perform if they are unable to remove protective clothing, or are harmed to remove it, according to Okaz newspaper that health practitioners may pray with face masks and gloves if they are in a place where they fear infection with the virus.

In response to several inquiries sent by the Department of Religious Affairs in the General Administration of Medical Services for the Armed Forces, the Committee stated that a busy health practitioner may assist in critical situations, to perform the prayer whenever he is able to do so even if it is time out.

She pointed out that avoiding contact with a health practitioner with “Corona” patients, visiting his parents for fear of transmitting them, is not a disadvantage, calling on health practitioners to be patient and calculate the reward for the Almighty.


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