News 24 | Saudi plastic artist turns her home furniture into paintings (video)


From the videoA Saudi plastic artist took advantage of the period of home stone due to the new epidemic of “Corona”, in the exercise of her talent in plastic art, but in a different way from what she used to.

The artist, Nahla Al-Ghufaili, said during a meeting on “Al-Ikhbaria” channel, that she usually loves to experiment and change, and when she closed the stores from which she buys paintings, she considered adopting a new way of drawing on the furniture, walls and furnishings of the house.

She added that drawing on furniture differs from drawing on paintings, so she did an experiment by drawing on a neglected piece in the house and the result was good so she decided to continue in this regard.

She indicated that her family’s reactions to what she had done were positive and supportive to her, expressing her hope that art would become an essential part of Saudi culture.


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