News 24 | Researcher reveals the beginnings of the entry of watches into the Kingdom .. This is the story of “Umm Saleeb” watches (video)


pictureHeritage researcher Dr. Ahmed Al-Washmi talked about the beginnings of the entry of watches into the Kingdom and its development after that, and the first market that was sold and repaired in it.

Al-Washemi explained in a video published by “King Abdulaziz House,” that the entry of watches into the Kingdom was during the era of King Abdulaziz, and the first hours were Swiss watches and they were called “Umm Salib”, noting that the majority, except for the rich and merchants, were rejecting them and breaking them due to the presence of a cross on them .

He pointed out that after that, other hours appeared and some preferred to “transfer” the skin in them because they saw the inadmissibility of wearing iron, and then came the hours of “scratching”.

He noted that the pocket watch also appeared in that period and it was round and has a chain and a cap to keep the bottle and it was written on it “King Abdulaziz Al Saud” and it was used by muezzins at that time, indicating that the first market to sell and repair watches was in Riyadh.


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