News 24 | Moses agrees to move to Sarai’s clot


picturePress reports revealed that the first team football player in Al-Nasr Club, Nigerian Ahmed Moussa, agreed to transfer to the Turkish team, Galata Saray, from the beginning of next season.

The newspaper “Camo Personnelly” Turkish, according to “Gul” that Moussa agreed to enter into a reciprocal deal that Al Nasr will hold with the clot of Sarai, in exchange for Moroccan Younis Belhanda joining the ranks of the world.

The newspaper stated that the coach of the Galatasaray team, Fateh Tarim, is determined to include Musa, given his admiration for the players who have the ability to play in the two centers of the wing attack.

And Clara Saray’s club wants to get rid of Belhanda, because of its high salary, in addition to that Vitoria agreed to include a new foreign player instead of Nigerian Ahmed Moussa.


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