News 24 | Difficulties facing the return of the professional league


The authorized agent of the Football Association, Dr. Saleh Al-Yami, spoke about many challenges facing the proposed date by the Football Association, to resume the Mohammed bin Salman Professional League, which is announced initially on the twentieth of August.

He said, “Al-Yami,” according to the newspaper, “Sports”: “Among the most prominent of these obstacles are international flights, and the date for the return of foreign players and technical equipment, in the absence of a date for the resumption of international flights, and perhaps this matter will put clubs in trouble, in addition to the mechanism of health precautions in terms of The presence of a quarantine or not for them upon their return from their countries. “

The players ’agent explained:“ There are contracts that expire in the months of May and July, and the mechanism for renewing those contracts with an agreement signed between the two parties, and in the event the foreign or local player refuses the temporary renewal, there will be a shortage of the number of players and the positions needed by the clubs. ”

He added that this will cause great pressure on the clubs in the event of the demands of the players for decades, “noting that there is also a date for the registration periods and the beginning of the next season and the external or internal clubs camps, in preparation for the start of the next season, where some clubs began to put more than one option.”


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