News 24 | Creating a new device in Jeddah, which shows results of the “Corona” examination within hours (video)


Emoji pictureThe Infectious Diseases Consultant in Jeddah, Dr. Muhammad Sheikh, revealed the success of a team at King Abdulaziz University Hospital in Jeddah in creating a device to examine the new “Corona” virus, which shows results within less than 24 hours.

Sheikh said in an intervention with the “Al-Ikhbaria” channel, that the device is being used to examine the virus in the university hospital, especially within the King Fahd Research Center, indicating that the device is testing samples that come from patients and showing results within hours.

He noted that the team obtained the necessary licenses for the device from the concerned authorities, headed by the Ministry of Health, and is working to serve a large segment from outside the University Hospital as well.


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