News 24 | “Communications Authority” “SMSA” company stops receiving any new requests for individuals and directs to handle the existing shipments


Communications and Information Technology CommissionThe Communications Authority announced that it has suspended Samsa Express Transport Company Ltd. from providing any new postal services to the individuals sector, or to conclude new contracts for the business sector until further notice; for violating a number of provisions of the beneficiaries ’rights document.

The Authority emphasized to the company the speed of work to find radical solutions regarding the delay in the delivery of existing shipments, and to respond to the inquiries of its customers through its digital and telephone channels, and to inform the Authority within a week of its history of what is happening.

The Authority has promised the company that it will take all necessary legal measures in the event of failure to correct and expedite the handling of customer complaints within the specified deadline, including withdrawing the license granted to the company, and stopping all services provided by it, with the company bearing all the legal consequences before other relevant authorities.

The authority reaffirmed all postal service providers by taking all necessary measures to provide postal services of the required quality, noting that they are continuing to protect the rights of beneficiaries and imposing all required penalties and violations on the offending companies.


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