News 24 | Al-Nammshan: Players will suffer physically after the season resumes … and their home training is “empty talk”


Salman Al NamsanFormer Al-Ittifaq player Salman Al-Namshan pointed out that the players need a lot of physical work to be able to perform the matches after the resumption of football activity, and they should not rely on their home training during the break, describing these exercises as “empty talk.”

Al-Namanshan added, according to Al-Madina, that it is difficult for players to stay away for 4 months or more, to return to football, so they will suffer a lot if the season resumes, and that their home training will not work.

On the positions he faced during his sporting career until retirement, he pointed to the lack of friendliness and injustice that he found from the sports fans when he occupied the position of Saleh Al-Naima in the defense of the national team, after the retirement of the latter, adding that he was finding the miniaturization and lack of love by some fans.

It is mentioned that Salman Al-Namshan started his football career gradually in the Sunni stages of Al-Itifaq Club, until he represented the first team in the club, as well as the national teams for youth and youth and the Olympic, then he represented the first team in the late seventies of the last century, and he trained the youth team and the position of director of football in Al-Itifaq Club, Before the current management of the club removed him.


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