New study: the moon is made of living and active rocks (photos)


Earth’s moon was believed to be made of dead rocks, but data from NASA’s LRO spacecraft revealed recent rocks considered to be the result of an active Tectonic System.In detail, a team from Brown University found more than 500 spots of rocks on the side of the moon that the reconnaissance vehicle revealed had formed during 14 days of darkness. The upward tectonic movement seems to have allowed the rock debris to seep into cracks and voids, leaving the new rocks exposed. Because the new rocky spots are usually covered quickly, the team learned that this rift is recent, and may still be continuing.

In this context, Peter Schultz, professor at the Department of Earth, Environmental Sciences and Planets at Brown University and co-author of the research, said: “The lumps exposed on the moon’s surface are relatively short. What happens.”Schultz added: “What we see makes us believe that this process is ongoing and is the result of hidden tectonic activity occurring in the interior of the moon, which indicates that it is not just a dead rock millions of years ago as we thought.”

It is worth noting that the hills on the surface of the moon are exposed before, due to the sagging weight caused by the old lava, but the recent study has determined that these new rocks and hills are linked to an active tectonic system.


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