New round … The cinema room announces the return of differences between Mohamed El Sharnoubi and Sarah El Tabbakh


The Chamber of Film Industry in Egypt announced the renewed differences between the artist Mohamed El-Sharnoubi and the producer Sarah El-Tabakh, the owner of “Earth Production”, after the latter submitted a new complaint accusing El-Sharnoubi of not fulfilling his obligations.

The producer, Safwat Ghattas, Vice President of the Chamber of the Film Industry, confirmed in statements to the “ET Arabic” program that the cook accused Al-Sharnoubi of holding artistic parties and participating in commercial advertisements in violation of the contract between them, which Al-Sharnoubi announced his commitment to after the reconciliation session held between them in mid-February under the auspices of The Film Industry Chamber.

Ghattas indicated that the Council of the Chamber of the Film Industry had not met for a month and a half, but that a meeting would be held in the coming days to reach a decision in Sarah El-Tabakh’s complaint against El-Sharnoubi, indicating that it is possible to resort to the Egyptian judiciary in the event that a solution is not reached.

Al-Sharnoubi announced his reconciliation with producer Sarah Al-Tabbakh in February, after their differences lasted for seven months, during which he was subjected to suspension from the Syndicate of Musical Professions and the Chamber of Film Industry. The Economic Court in Egypt refused to cancel his contract with the cook.

Al-Sharnoubi also affirmed during the session held in the Chamber of the Film Industry that Sarah El-Tabbakh is responsible for signing all his works and acknowledged that contracting is continuing with her.

Fuchini as provided by Alice and Nadine Abdel Aziz


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