New law: 5 changes during football matches!


A temporary amendment to tackle Corona’s fallout on players by allowing five changes to be made during the regular time of the match.

  • A sixth substitution may be permitted in matches that extend into overtime

Footballers, who are enacting their laws, are looking to study some temporary changes to the laws, in light of the “Covid 19” Corona virus, which has paralyzed the sport in general.

The drafters will consider a new law that will allow the teams to make 5 substitutions in the match instead of three, and this decision may be issued due to the decline in players ’fitness in the past period, as a result of home quarantine and lack of exercises.

In late April last year, FIFA made a suggestion to increase the number of replacements during matches, and to raise it from 3 to 5 (during the normal time), to help players cope with the intense pressure of the matches that they are expected to play in the coming period, To compensate for the interruption that is close to completing two months.

It is expected that the IFFB, which is concerned with the laws of the game, will approve this proposal tomorrow (Friday).

Last month, IFAP announced that it was working with FIFA to adopt a temporary amendment to Law 3 (for players), allowing competitions to give teams the option to use a maximum of 5 substitutes on three occasions during the match, and between the two periods.

Reducing the number of occasions where teams can make changes removes the incentive to do so only for the purpose of wasting time.

A sixth substitution may also be permitted in matches that extend into overtime.

Teams can currently make three substitutions during the match, knowing that they have been allowed since 2018, to make a fourth change, but only in overtime.

National championships will not be obligated to implement this change (i.e. increase the number of substitutions), and they are free to do it once they resume.

This law may be adopted in the European Nations Cup, “Euro 2020”, which was postponed until next year (2021), where FIFA stressed that the application of the procedure after its approval, will be according to the discretion of the organizer of each competition.

And the decision, if adopted permanently, can be in the interest of the able clubs whose formation includes a large number of reserve players who are able to provide wide tactical options for their coaches.


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