New amendments to the rules of “Conmipol” … to prevent spitting or scratching


Source: Asuncion – AFP

The South American Football Association (Konmipol) has approved amendments to its club competition laws and a new protocol to combat the new Corona virus, which prevents exchange of shirts, spitting or skipping on the field.

According to the new laws, the Confederation can ask a player or a member of the technical staff for health information, and issue an order to undergo medical examinations to reveal the “Covid 19” epidemic before matches or during training sessions.

The Continental Federation said in a statement: “All persons who refuse to undergo examination cannot participate in the tournaments that are being held under the supervision of Kunmebol.”

Players, coaches and referees will not be able to spit, skip on the field or on the bench of substitute players, nor can they kiss the ball, share water bottles, exchange shirts or club logos.

“Conmipol” added that wearing a muzzle is obligatory for the seats of reserve players, in official positions and during press conferences.

Medical devices will measure the body temperature for each of the players, technical staff and referees before each match.

The Confederation confirmed that it will allow five substitutions during one match in line with the new laws of the International Federation Council (IFAP) during the group stage matches and the final price matches of its most important competition, the Libertadores Cup, provided that only three substitutions are allowed starting from the quarter-finals.


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