New Al-Rajhi application to provide services to citizens and residents in the Kingdom and the registration steps


Through our website, we provide you with a link to the new Al-Rajhi application to provide services to citizens and residents, as Al-Rajhi Bank is one of the most important banks in the Kingdom, and provides many distinct services to all its customers in its various branches spread throughout the Kingdom, and Al-Rajhi Bank recently announced the launch of the new Al-Rajhi application in a tweet to him Through the official page, on Twitter, and alerted everyone to the need to obtain a new application to benefit from the services.

New Al-Rajhi application

Al-Rajhi Bank announced the new Al-Rajhi application to provide new banking services in an easier way, in order to confirm Al-Rajhi’s interest in customers and keep pace with development, as one of the most important features of the new application is that it uses a new user interface, and contributes to helping the user to take advantage of the services without going to the bank to do any service.

Al-Rajhi application download link

All customers can benefit from the services by downloading the new application, because the old one will stop working within days, and the new application can be downloaded on Android devices and iPhones, as the bank received many complaints from the application due to the frequent suspension, so the bank decided to provide an alternative link on The following steps:

Log in Alternative link for the new application.

Writing the customer’s required information.

Register the mobile number at the nearest branch of the bank to activate the account.

– The lock mark will appear on the browser when registration is finished, the temporary password sent on the mobile is entered and then can be changed.


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