NBA: “introductory” talks to resume championship in Florida


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Los Angeles (AFP)

The NBA announced on Saturday that it is in “preliminary” talks with Walt Disney Company, about the resumption of the Professional League championship in late July next year in one of its resorts in Florida.

A spokesman for the association, Mike Pace, confirmed earlier reports that the association is in talks with Disney officials about the resumption of the 2019-2020 season, which is suspended due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, in Orlando, Florida.

“The association, in cooperation with the Association of Professional Basketball Players, is participating in preliminary talks with Walt Disney Company about the relaunch of the NBA season in late July at the ESPN Sports Complex in Florida and affiliated with Disney as one location where it will be held,” Bass said. Matches, exercises and accomodation. ”

The area of ​​the complex is 220 hectares (2.2 square kilometers), and it includes three meeting rooms and hotel rooms sufficient to accommodate the various delegations, which limits communication with the outside world.

The association’s commissioner, Adam Silver, is expected to announce the fate of the season by early June. But this announcement confirms the trend raised in recent days by the “Athletic” website in particular, which stated that the headquarters of the entertainment resort “Walt Disney World” in Orlando is gaining increasing momentum to be the preferred location for establishing teams and advancing on the option of Las Vegas.

“Our priority remains the health and safety of all concerned, and we are working with public health experts and government officials to develop a comprehensive set of guidelines to ensure appropriate protocols and medical protection are put in place,” Pace added.

The NBA matches were suspended from March 11, after the French Jazz player Rudi Goubert hit “Covid-19”, about two weeks before the playoffs.

There are still many issues to solve before the resumption of the season, including whether to continue playing the regular season, or go straight to the knockout roles.

The network “ESBN” said Friday that the association’s council will hold a virtual meeting next Friday, and it is expected that he will issue additional directives regarding players and coaches in the season’s resumption plan.

She pointed out that the directives will include setting a date when clubs can expand individual exercises, some of which have already been resumed, bringing in more players and participating in group exercises.

The network quoted unnamed sources as saying that many club owners and officials expect league commissioner Adam Silver in June to announce the league resumption, at a date that may be “before the end of July.”

The potential return plan includes how to return players who have left the cities where their clubs are based, including those who have returned to their country as did the Slovenian Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic.

The League will also request the intensification of individual exercises and the establishment of training camps as a prelude to returning to the stadiums.

According to the network, players must submit to the medical quarantine for two weeks and then train individually for one to two weeks in the facilities of their team, before going to a group training camp for two to three weeks.


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