Nancy Ajram receives an invitation to visit Israel on her birthday


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Israeli army spokesman Avichai Adrai celebrated the birthday of Lebanese actress Nancy Ajram today, Sunday.

Through his official account on the “Twitter” site, Adraei shared a video of an Israeli soldier, congratulating him on Nancy Ajram On her birthday, she included an invitation to visit Israel.
The soldier praised Ajram’s song, “We love the atmosphere,” and how full it is of energy and vitality, and indicated that it reminds him of the atmosphere of Tel Aviv, which he described as “the city that never sleeps.”

And he directed his speech to the Lebanese singer that it is possible that conditions allow the future and come to visit Israel in order to sing on its land, justifying that, “The human being is characterized by joy and happiness, not hatred and corruption as Iran does in Lebanon.”

After that, the Israeli soldier gave Nancy Ajram a performance he performed for her song, “Let’s love the atmosphere.”

And with the Israeli soldier’s picture message, Avichai Adraei tweeted: “Nancy Ajram… Sure, you don’t forget the birthday of a sophisticated and kind artist like you. And on your birthday, every year, you are a thousand good. God willing, Lebanon will return Amer with art, and he will stop terrorism. Hizb allah Abhorrent and away from him the guardianship of Iran, which interferes in all its affairs, including economic and social. “

It is said that Nancy Ajram Yesterday, Saturday celebrated the birthday of her older daughter, Milla, Whose birthday coincides with her mother’s birth date.


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