Najwa Ibrahim takes the lead after her brother dies


The media topped Najwa Ibrahim, social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, and the global search site Google, especially in Egypt, after her brother died.

The artist and media worker, Najwa Ibrahim, announced the death of her only brother, Mohamed Ibrahim, in the midst of a state of great sadness that controlled the large media because of the loss of her only brother who died, and he

Najwa Ibrahim was one of the most successful and closest female broadcaster to the hearts of children at that time, as she presented the Good Morning Children Program with the famous personal Kalqaz, and this program was associated with millions of children in Egypt and the Arab world who titled the big media

The nickname “Mama Najwa”, which is popular with adults and children.

Najwa Ibrahim began her artistic career when the international director Youssef Chahine saw her smile, simplicity and sincerity, as well as a short description, the beautiful Egyptian agriculture in the movie “The Earth”, the first movie in which Najwa Ibrahim participated, to demonstrate her ability to stand before the giants of acting and her ability to put her name among them, and at this age The little girl participated in the Cannes and Berlin festival.


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