Nadine Nassib Njeim lead the way with Ahmed El-Sakka .. Was she overpowered? With video


Lebanese actress toppedNadine Naseeb NjeimList of the most frequently used phrases in Egypt, after its solution is a guest on the “Beat the Sakka, Presented by the Egyptian actorAhmed El Sakka, With theFlagsThe Lebanese AssociationRazan Maghrabi.
The episode was very popular on social media, and the followers got to know the fun side of Nadine, after he got acquainted with her talent with the TV works that she presented.
The episode witnessed unconventional recreational and sports competitions, between Al Saqa and Nadine for an hour, but it failed to overcome it in most of the games, through which they challenged each other.
Nadine published on her page on a social networking site, a video clip in which she appeared in an acting role with Al-Saqa for a scene from one of his films, and commented: With the last paragraph. “


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