Nada Abu Farhat: The model and the beauty queen must be able to act “Why do you answer us to the earth” (video)


Actress Nada Abu Farhat expressed her happiness with the echoes that she received for the role of Zina and the duo she meets with actress Carol Abboud (Abla) in the series “Sons of Adam”, written by Rami Koussa and directed by Laith Hajo (MTV), and attributed the reason for not playing the starring roles on the screen , And her inability to sell a series in her name, until thinking always goes towards the model or the beauty queen: “They always think of a model or a beauty queen whose name is known, perhaps this is what the Arab world is asking today as names for the series series,” adding: “It became known in Lebanon That every time a beauty queen is crowned, she will be gifted serially This went further into the theater and put all my potential there in starring roles. “

Abu Farhat, who appeared in Ramadan 2019 with actor Basil Khayat in the series “Al-Kateb” and in Ramadan 2020 in the series “Sons of Adam” and “The Sculptor”, indicated, during her solutions on the “The Insider Arabic” program with Elie Nakhleh, that “the Egyptian market And the Syrian focus on the background of the actor and acting, while the Lebanese market sometimes focuses on beauty and those who have more followers on social media, “adding that” on the model or beauty queen being able to act “when you answer us to the ground.”

Abu Farhat, on the other hand, returned a number of beauty queens who are present today on the artistic scene, as they conduct representation workshops and seek the help of acting coaches to develop performance such as Daniela Rahma, expressing her admiration for the Maya character she performs in “Adam’s Children”: “I worked hard to personify the character.”


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