Nabil Faqir … the full story of his failure to move to Liverpool and playing for Real Betis


What is the reason why Nabil Poor has not moved to Liverpool, and why is he playing for Real Betis now?

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May 22, 2020

Pending the settlement of his transfer deal to Liverpool, poor poor Nabil shocked the world by moving to Real Betis in a kind deal strange to the player of the size and capacity of the poor, whose name was associated with big clubs such as Real Madrid, Chelsea and others.

Fakir, the French star of Algerian origin, was only one step away from joining Liverpool, before Real Betis blew up the big surprise by announcing the signing of the Lyon star last summer.

The 2017 2018 season was the best for poor, as he played 40 games with Lyon, scored 23 goals and made 8 others, and in the following season he played 39 games but scored only 12 goals and made 9, and he was one of the most prominent players in the French League.

The story of his failure to move to Liverpool

Since 2018, a poor name has been associated with joining Liverpool and talks have started between the player and the English club and the player has already met with Liverpool coach Juergen Club despite his French club’s intransigence and refusal of the sale to raise the player’s price.

Although the agreement was almost reached, the French star returned from his decision and preferred to stay in Lyon until the World Cup competitions ended, for Liverpool to enter the negotiation line the issue of striking the cruciate player four years ago, with the aim of reducing the value of the deal, which Lyon completely rejected.

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A poor man had suffered an injury in his first participation with the French national team on September 11, 2015, as part of France’s preparations for the Euro 2016 championship.

Since then, every poor person has suffered a knee injury, which causes him to miss some matches on his team.

Real Betis the best place?

The failure of his departure to Liverpool had a major impact on the player, who entered into problems with his agent and the contract was later terminated, and many rumors about his failure with medical examinations led him to move the clubs away from contracting him the following summer.

Liverpool, Atlético Madrid and Bayern Munich were absent from seeking the player’s inclusion, until reports emerged saying that Milan and Naples were watching the player’s situation, and Arsenal showed very weak interest that ended quickly.

Lyon tried to persuade the player to stay and renew his contract, which would have ended after only one year, especially with the appointment of Juninho, the club’s legend, as a sports director, but the French player preferred to take a new adventure far from Lyon, and Lyon decided in turn to give him a farewell worthy of him and preferred to sell him to a large club in order to shine with him .

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At this time, Real Betis club appeared with an offer that satisfies all parties, 20 million euros for Lyons, especially with a year remaining in the player’s contract, and 3.5 million euros as an annual salary, which makes it the highest wage in the club, as well as the inclusion of his 22-year-old brother Yassin and loaned him to Kadesh To find a poor family in southern Spain. All this, along with 50% of the player’s resale value.

A poor man preferred to move to a team whose first star is to remain in Lyon or choose a team with which he may suffer from many pressures. He preferred to take up a new challenge to rediscover himself again after his transfer to Liverpool failed. Was he a poor man in his endeavor?


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