Mustafa Kareem: My departure from the Egyptian League is my mistake, and I advise Mahawi to sign Al-Ahly “on a white”


Mustafa Kareem, the Ismaili club striker and the former Iraq team, expressed his remorse for his departure from the Egyptian league, stressing that he had made a mistake paying his price so far.

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Karim joined the Ismaili Club in 2006, before leaving for the Emirates Club of Sharjah, before returning to the Alexandrian Federation, and then moved to the Qatari club Al-Sailiya.

“On my own time, I missed the Egyptian League, and I am still paying for it,” Mustafa Kareem said in televised comments on “On Time Sport”.

He added: “Egypt is the gateway to professionalism in Europe. I have learned the basics of football, skill and easy play.”

He continued: “I swear by God Almighty that my family has been following the Egyptian League until now.”

And he talked about the possibility of Alaa Mahawi offering to play for Al-Ahly: “I would advise him without thinking that he would go to the Egyptian league, and he would sign a blank for any team in Egypt, whoever wanted to learn the ball would go to Egypt.”

The “Tournaments” had previously confirmed Al-Ahly’s negotiations with Mahawi to succeed Ahmed Fathi. See details


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