Mushabab does not represent the south.! Saudi News


• I am not one of those who chase others ’slips and I don’t like to enter the thorny areas, but today I have something to say about (Exit 7) in which the staff worked hard to provide an enjoyable dramatic meal after breakfast, and in this work there was lavish stardom for actress Ilham Ali ( Lulwah) At least from my point of view, and this of course is a precursor to what I want to say blame, not criticism, because I am not as versed in such matters as specialists.My admiration for Rashid Al-Shamrani is great, because he is fully aware of what I mean and what I am talking about!

• I believe that we are one people and one component, there is no difference between the people of the one homeland and its geography, but each region has its dialect and its specificity, and in this dialect you may know which region or tribe the speaker belongs, and from this standpoint, the director of 7 segments of our people in the southern region where the people of the south were photographed However, it is easy to laugh at them through the naive personality (Shabab), and this is an unacceptable criticism!

• Generosity for the people of the south is instinct, and the word (we asked you), has its impact on the people of the south, so why were the people of the south portrayed you, Rashid, with this comic image and consider them as it is (grayed) in your series!

• O Al-Dalakh, Al-Dhabal, O Al-Ramkhah, words used to refer to the southern man through (Mushabab)!

• The viewers, Khalaf Al-Harbi and Ya Rashid are not fully aware of the understanding of breaking up, framing and directing the text with this content, rather they took the direct meaning of what you presented.!

• I do not know how my brother and my friend, Dr. Rashid Al-Shamrani, fell into this trap, who is the best and most knowledgeable of me, and he knows the right to know the sensitivity of the situation and the difficulty of accepting what was presented on behalf of the people of the South with what was presented (Mushabab) on the men of the South and blessed (Rashid).!

• In our homeland are constants that should not be jumped on in drama or drama. And Mashbabk O Rashid and oh Nasser and O Khalaf does not resemble the Mushabab of the Sheikh, Mashbab Al Karim, and Mashbab Al Shahama, it is shameful that you put the people of the South in this “abusive” role.!

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Except goodness

It remains embedded in pure souls ..

Good for who sows good among people

Purity of the heart is not stupidity .. it is a nature that God distinguishes from the one he loves.


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