Muhammad Al-Shinnawi teaches Ramez Jalal a harsh lesson and drops him in the water pool! (Video)


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Al-Ahly and Egyptian national team player Mohamed El-Shennawy fell into the trap of the “Ramez Majnoon Official” program shown on MBC Egypt, which is dedicated to catching the victims of the artist, Ramez Jalal, in a comic satire.

The program began by hosting Al-Shennawi in a talk show that depended on the guest sitting on the chair of recognition to reveal some aspect of his personal life and was presented by the media “Arwa”.

While entering the guest, Ramez continues to present his guest to the audience in a comic manner, as usual, by telling a portion of the details of his life in a comic manner that causes the audience to reach the guest’s name.

Then the questions of the talk show that included several paragraphs started, and during a paragraph showing the pictures of some of the characters, a picture of Ramez Jalal suddenly appeared, but he came out of it, but unusually, the player seemed steady, unlike the guests of Ramez, but he still laughed when he saw him.

facebook From the beginning, Al-Shennawi announced his challenge to Rams and told him, “Your hair is not sweet.” Ramiz continued his program by coloring the player’s hair, lifting it, and spinning it in the air several times without the guest being affected.

After that, Ramez “rounded” El-Shennawy, however, he was not affected, but he was laughing throughout the episode, and when he asked him, he could give up to Al-Ahly and said to him, “No, it can’t.”


Then Al-Shennawi submitted to Ramiz’s requests, saying, “Ramiz Jalal, Egypt’s uncle, and the first goalkeeper of Egypt,” but he refused to say, “I will retire in the presence of Ramiz Jalal.”

And El-Shennawy provoked Ramiz by saying, “I do not see any fear until now.” Then it came, and the marine animals came to pass. He sank El-Shennawy’s feet with water and put him in a box containing marine animals such as crabs.

Ramez continued his program by taking out the snake to him, but he could not bear it and kept asking him to stop despite his courageous start.

With the end of the program approaching, Al-Shennawi thought that he had escaped from the prank, and after untie his restrictions, he quickly headed towards Ramiz, but he fell into a pool of water and then dragged Ramiz Jalal’s foot and drowned him in the water basin and continued to drown him in the water.

The last of the works of the artist, Ramiz Jalal, was the movie “Sabaa Al-Bremba”, with the participation of Jamila Awad, Mohamed Abdel Rahman, Bayoumi Fouad, Mohamed Tharwat, and Maha Abu Auf, and written by Loay Al-Sayed and directed by Mahmoud Karim.

Ramez Jalal is awaiting the resumption of filming his new movie “Haykal Nazami”, which is combined with the star Ghada Adel and written by Louay Al-Sayed and directed by Mahmoud Karim, where work was stopped due to Rams busy with his program and Ghada in its series “Layalina 80”, to return to filming again after the end of the spread of the Corona virus , And to end the preventive measures imposed by the government.

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