Moroccan reports reveal the reason why Fyler refused Azaru’s return to Al-Ahly


Moroccan reports revealed the reason behind the dismissal of coach Rene Weiler For my familyLoaned Moroccan striker Walid Azzaro returned to the Saudi agreement in the current period.

Fyler had stated earlier, that the services of Azzaro should not be needed in the ranks of the Red Fort in the new season.

According to the newspaper, “The Moroccan National Team”: “position.” Fyler It seems nothing to do with Azaru’s technical level. ”

Azaro with the Saudi Al-Ittifaq team

She added: “Rather, his intransigent stance resulted from his unease with the player’s actions towards him in one of the Al-Ahly matches, when he sat back up, and was waiting for his entry in the second half of the Tanta match at that time in the league, but the coach ignored him, which led to Azaro’s excitement. He performed behavior that Fyler did not accept. ”

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The newspaper pointed out that Azzaro’s position with Al-Ahly has not yet been determined, whether by dispensing it or keeping it in the new season.

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Recall that Azaro He loaned out to the ranks of the Saudi agreement last January, for a period of 6 months.


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