More than 500 “remote” marriage contracts in the Saudi capital


Source: Arabic.Net – Ibrahim Al-Hussein

The Saudi Ministry of Justice revealed the completion of 542 “remote” marriage contracts in Riyadh via the “Nagz” portal without the beneficiaries appearing in the courts to finish the procedures, since the suspension of work on March 16 until now.

The “electronic marriage contract” service, launched by the Ministry of Justice through the “Nagis” portal recently, aims to facilitate the beneficiaries by completing the procedures of marriage contracts and approving them from the ministry without the need to review the offices of the ministry or its branches.

The service provides a number of advantages, including facilitating the selection of the authorized marriage and reserving the appropriate appointment electronically, facilitating procedures for approving the contract electronically without the need to review the offices of the ministry, and the possibility of preparing the contract data and reviewing the conditions before the appointment.

The service also provides the advantage of the ability to check the medical examination electronically without the need to review the hospital, in addition to that it provides the advantage of recording the fact of marriage electronically in civil cases.


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