Money changers bought the dollar at 3,800 and one of the clients is Lebanese, so the lira collapsed


The newspaper “Al-Akhbar” obtained the records of the investigations into the arrest case of the director of monetary operations at the Central Bank, Mazen Hamdan, and the file of tampering with the price of the lira. Hamdan even mentioned to the investigators that it was Salama who suggested to him the names of three money-changers to deal with. The investigations also showed that Hamdan sold the dollar to B-type money changers in violation of the law, but he informed the governor about this incident without the latter expressing any objections. It is evident in the body of the investigation report that Hamdan committed administrative violations for violating the monetary law, which is punishable by the central bank administratively. In addition to criminal violations for violating the banking law, knowing that the first acting investigative judge, Charbel Abu Samra, released him on a large bail of 300 million pounds for his estimate of the amount of the crime suspected of committing him, but the Financial Public Prosecution appealed the decision. Al-Akhbar learned that the indictment panel will take its decision today regarding the approval of the decision to release or rescind it.

The newspaper wrote: “The investigations conducted by the Malian Public Prosecutor also showed Hamdan’s confession that he was informing the governor of all the details, so his first question, written in Hamdan’s investigation report, was:” You say that you were informing the Governor of the Bank of Lebanon of all the operations that you were carrying out, did you teach him to detail the operations, For example, when I sold the dollars to a Syrian person, did you inform the governor about this matter? ”Hamdan replied that he did not know that the person was a Syrian national. Here Judge Ibrahim asked him:“ You say in front of the investigation men that you informed the governor of the Bank of Lebanon about this matter, and now you say the opposite? ” Hamdan repeated his answer, saying: “I used to inform the ruler of the entire uncle Liat, the amounts and prices for buying and selling, and I did not inform him that one of the clients was Syrian. “

The newspaper said that Hamdan sold the dollar to money exchanges at 3,800 liras, i.e. at a high price, would inevitably lead the money changers to sell the dollar at a higher price, which would enhance the deterioration of the exchange rate of the lira against the dollar. To read the full article, click here.


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