Mohammed Shabana in Live Day 7: Al-Ahly Club participates in the campaign against Sayed Abdel Hafeez


“Mohammed Al-Ahly is participating in the campaign against Sayed Abdel Hafeez, the current director of football in Al-Ahly Club, who is being subjected to a systematic campaign from my point of view,” said media journalist Mohammed Shabana at Live on the seventh day’s page.

Follow Mohammed Shabana in Live “the seventh day Al-Ahly is participating in this campaign against Syed Abdul Hafeez for several reasons that no official in defense of Abdul Hafeez came out, as is always the case in Al-Ahly Club, with the exit of one of the officials to clarify the point of view in some crises, but this has not happened so far, and the news that He graduated permanently that Abdel Hafeez appeared on the Ramez program, or that he was the cause of the players ’crises, namely Hossam Ashour, Ahmed Fathi and the last who left for the Pyramids club.

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Mohamed Shabana revealed that the International Federation refused to accept any amendments from the quinquennial committee to the statute of the statute and demanded that they implement the guideline sent by FIFA, some time ago, especially after the quinquennial committee was late in sending notes. .

Mohamed Shabana continued in Live “The Seventh Day”: that the International Federation of FIFA asked the five-party committee to content itself with the amendments that will be approved by the General Assembly of the Football Association, and therefore all amendments made by officials of the five-year-old committee will not be implemented despite the ongoing attempts of the Football Association to send notes and approval of FIFA.


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