Mohamed al-Aqabawi: I expect Al-Shennawy to leave Pyramids after joining Ekrami


Mohamed Al-Aqabawi, the former coach of the Pyramids team guards, expected the departure of Ahmed El-Shennawi from the club, after Sharif Al-Ahrami, Al Ahly’s goalkeeper, joined the team.

Al-Akbawi said, in radio statements to the “One to Two” program presented by Saif Zahir on Radio On Sport: Al-Mahdi Suleiman, the Pyramids goalkeeper, is a respected and committed figure, and the presence of three goalkeepers such as Al-Mahdi, Ahmed Al-Shenawi and Sharif Ekrami will make the competition very difficult to reserve the main place with the team .

Al-Aqabawi added: I do not think that the three guards will remain in Pyramids, but I expect that Al-Shennawi will leave the team soon.

On the main guard of Pyramids in the presence of this trio, Al-Akbawi said: It is certain that the three guards will have an opportunity to participate, but since I left the team, Mahdi Suleiman is the main guard of Pyramids.

In a related context, Pyramids club officials began immunizing Mahdi Suleiman, the first team goalkeeper, from recent offers, most notably from Al-Ahly, who tested the player’s pulse through his agent without entering into formal negotiations with the administration.

Confirmed Mahdi Soliman The management of the Pyramids Club spoke to him and asked him to hold a session during the coming period in order to resolve the contract renewal file, which will end at the end of the next season, in order to fortify the player and ensure his continuation.

The Pyramids goalkeeper added that he is the first player to join the Pyramids ranks at the time of its establishment, and that the value of his contract does not exceed 5 million pounds, stressing that the upcoming negotiations will witness a change in the value of the contract, especially as he has become the number one goalkeeper currently.

Al-Mahdi Suleiman believes that Sharif Ikrami is a great goalkeeper and any club honored to be in his ranks and any team that will benefit from his experiences, noting that he is the first guard in Pyramids and Ikrami accession does not worry him as there are 3 senior goalkeepers in the ranks of the celestial team.

And he added: “My gratitude has not taken place for 3 years and it is difficult to evaluate it now. I played 21 games in the current season, and on the competition I will outperform them by working on the field and I keep myself thanks to the commitment in my training and in my diet.”.

The Pyramids goalkeeper stressed that he is able to participate essentially in the presence of any goalkeeper in Egypt, but with regard to Mohamed El-Shennawy, Al-Ahly goalkeeper said: “He is a great goalkeeper and has reached a great stage of brilliance, and if I join Al-Ahly, I will need time in order for Al-Shennawy to sit on a bench Substitutes, and Al-Ahly and Zamalek add to any player. “

He stressed that any goalkeeper will sit back up to Mahdi Suleiman as long as he is committed and I help my team greatly.


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