“Moderna” proves its effectiveness … promising results for the first vaccine for Corona tested on humans


In the absence of treatment or vaccine for the emerging corona virus, scientists are studying the effectiveness of post-infection and herd immunity. However, have scientists come up with specific answers?

According to a report published in a magazine Gamma What medical scientists know about this deadly virus generates more scientific questions than it gives specific answers.

To date, countries have relied on fighting the virus through non-medical interventions, as they have adopted instructions for hand-washing, use of masks, social divergence, and other restrictions imposed in the workplace, study, and public places.

But even with these procedures and the debate about whether we need to reopen cities where some call for the immunization of humanity through what is known as the herd immunity, this matter is not crucial even to confront the new corona, the influenza virus is seasonal and there is no scientific evidence for an immune response Permanent for those who get COFED-19.

Understanding the dynamics of post-infection immunity is still in doubt among scientists, and so far we do not know the patterns of spread of the virus closely or even the variations of vulnerability of the population, whether by geographical area or other criteria, not to mention the absence of a treatment or vaccine that cuts doubt with certainty regarding the protection of corona .

The report written by doctors, Robert Kirkcaldy, Brian King and John T. Brooks indicates that the virus causes severe acute respiratory infections, but the antibodies develop within days and sometimes weeks after symptoms appear.

They asked whether there was a real relationship between the antibody response and the clinical improvement? And is its production and quantities related to the extent of exacerbation and severity of the disease ?, and how severe is it for the Covid-19 virus?

So far what we know is that the viral burden reaches its peak in the body early in the disease and then decreases with the development of antibodies within two to three weeks, but the period during which the patient becomes a carrier of the infection is unknown, especially since the absence of symptoms and the incubation period still need to know Their determinants are even greater.

They pointed out that the majority of the corona viruses that we know cause severe respiratory diseases, but the issue of immunity from them is still unresolved, as it can be exposed to another form of the viral strain, where media reports showed that at least two people had recovered from the Corona virus, but after examining them once Others have been found to be infected with other pneumonia, but they are of the same strain.

They stressed the need to study the issue of immunity and immunization from this virus, which must be studied and accurate in order to help in planning public health in light of the uncertainty.


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