Mkhalat mixture of an infected Corona spread confusion and fear from Ghobeiri to the Bekaa – Al-Manar TV – Lebanon


The municipality of Al-Ghobeiri in the southern suburb of Beirut began, today Sunday noon, to conduct PCR checks for about 40 people, after it was revealed last night that two brothers from the Al-Youssef family were infected with the Corona virus, had contact with other residents of Sheikh Jaafar Al-Haraka Street in the Ghobeiri area, without observing Health conditions imposed.

In a statement issued, the municipality called on citizens to “adhere to their homes while awaiting the results of the tests,” and also asked the security services to “impose a curfew in a serious manner, and to take the violators to compulsory quarantine,” after a third citizen suspected of being injured, refused to come to its center for the examination.

In the statement, the municipality drew that “a state of confusion and fear witnessed yesterday at night the Ghobeiri area, specifically Sheikh Jaafar al-Harakah Street near the Imam Ali Complex (PBUH), and in detail that one of the people called (M. Yusef) was afflicted by the epidemic of Corona, which is located in His house, he mixed with his brother (B. Yusef), who in turn continued his life naturally, and moved to his family in the village of Al-Saeeda in the northern Bekaa, and mixed with them to expand the circle, in addition to that he toured near the complex, entered one of the ovens, and mixed with those present, and bought Some widgets are left.

As a result, the Ghobeiri municipality through its health center, to monitor the Corona epidemic and the municipal police, and since last night counted the number of people, who have been contacted by this person, and initiated contacts with the Ministry of Health and Security Forces.

Today at noon, PCR examinations were started for about 40 people, and everyone was asked to remain in their homes, waiting for the result, and not mixing with others, noting that one of the people called (Q. Aimas) refused to come to the center to take the examination, arguing that he was accompanying one of the The judges also claimed, and the security services are required to act to arrest him, impose a serious curfew and take the violators to mandatory detention.

The lack of responsibility is not from the Ministry of Health and the health and municipal authorities, it is the responsibility of every member of this society, recklessness and indifference is its direct harm to ourselves first and foremost.

Source: National Information Agency


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